Program Requirements:

All residents of GIFT must adhere to the following rules:

  • Attend:  Recovery seminars, workshops, community events, and sessions.
  • Employment: Clients are expected to conduct a job search and gain employment if possible.
  • Savings: Shall maintain a consistent savings account provided through GIFT's residential savings account.
  • Life's skill:  Each resident is required to productively budget both money and time.
  • Weekly Reviews: Each resident has a designated weekly time to meet with the house manager or director to discuss his/her progress.
  • Counseling:  If it is determined that counseling is needed, referral will be made to assist the client. 
  • Giving Back:  All capable residents are required to participate in some community service.
  • Sign-in:  Residents are required to sign-in and out upon entering or exiting the premises.
  • Residency:  Residents shall remain in the program for at least six (6) months.
  • Premature Departures:  In case of premature departure, the exiting resident shall notify management 30 days before departure to avoid penalty.